Internet of Things

AvantiPoint works to deliver end to end solutions. With Windows 10 IoT it opens the world to solutions you've never considered.

Cross Platform

We make every effort to ensure Cross Platform Compatability from the start. We believe in write once, run EVERYWHERE... well just about anywhere that makes sense!

On-Prem & Cloud Based Solutions

Our Web Applications are designed to run on Windows and Linux from the start. We love .NET, but we also know just how powerful Linux is.

Need An Up To Date, Flexible Web Site Solution

Run Cross Platform, Integrate with Social Media and more...

AvantiPoint Site Manager - Available 1st Quarter 2016

AvantiPoint has you covered with the AvantiPoint Site Manager. This is a custom built website solution written with the latest in ASP.NET which allows us to instantly run your website on Windows, Linux, and even Mac. Some of the great features of the Site Manager include:

  • Integration with Azure Active Directory. Great for those companies looking to use their existing Active Directory Domain.
  • Integrated User Management System for standalone authentication models
  • Support for User Authentication using Facebook, Twitter, Google and Microsoft
  • Google Analytics Support with Dashboard Integration
  • Payment support for Stripe with planned support for Paypal and Quickbooks
  • Newsletter and Campaign Messages Support
  • Built in Case System
  • Built in FAQ Manager
  • Create Basic Subscriptions
  • Built-in Blog with Multiple Channel / Team Blog Support

AvantiPoint Site Manager

Supporting your favorite Identity Providers!