About AvantiPoint Software

Everything is going to be connected to cloud and data... All of this will be mediated by software.

Satya Nadella

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Putting Cloud and Cross Platform Applications First

We've all been there, you see a great application that will make your life 100 times easier. Perhaps its an app you would use in your personal life, or perhaps it's one you would use in your work life. Either way it's works on a platform you don't have or don't want to deal with. Maybe it works on your desktop but not your iOS or Android Device.

At AvantiPoint we believe code should run just about anywhere we want. We understand being in the now generation means you want the ability to deploy the same software quickly and easily where you want, when you want. All of our mobile work is done exclusively using the Xamarin Framework ensuring we get as close to write one publish anywhere!

We redefine what it means to be End To End. While most Software Developers take End To End Development to mean Everything from Designing the Database to the User Interface, we don't believe that goes far enough! For us being End To End experts allows us:

  • To ensure proper decisions are made on infrastructure. Is local hardware and networking infrastructure required or is a cloud deployment ideal?
  • Of course we still handle everything from the Database, to Webservices, to User Interfaces.
  • None of that is complete though without proper Design, Implementation, and Testing

Dan Siegel

We live in the now generation. If new applications aren't built with that in mind, you're just going through the motions of making another application no one wants to use.

Dan Siegel