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We help our customers build better apps that remain maintainable over time and able to adapt to your evolving needs.

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Your Cross Platform Development Experts

At AvantiPoint we believe that code should run anywhere we need it to without having to constantly go back to the drawing board and starting over. We have a fundamental understanding that development can be complex, time consuming and expensive. We constantly strive to ensure that our customers benefit from the most powerful app frameworks available while minimizing development costs.

Our development team works with you regardless of where you are. Whether software is your business or just something you need, we can help make you more productive and more profitable. The core development team at AvantiPoint has a vast amount of experience allowing us to properly advise you whether you need to build out solutions that include on-prem hardware or complex deployments across cloud, desktop and mobile.

As an open source maintainer himself, our Founder / CEO has instilled a belief that the company should give back to the development community. While some of our products and tooling do require subscriptions, our app toolkit is completely free and open source allowing you to build great apps and get paid support if you need it.

AvantiPoint is here to support your project stakeholders, product owners, and development teams. Our aim to ensure the success of all of our clients. Over the years we have had a chance to help many types of clients from Healthcare, Automotive, Food and Beverage, Logistics and Transportation, and more. Simply put, why choose AvantiPoint? Because we’re the ones your contractor probably came to in secret to fix their mistakes.

Dan Siegel
Dan Siegel

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