Developer Support

Your business isn't developing mobile or cross platform apps. This is where having the right team makes all the difference.

Don't trust just anyone for your mission critical needs. We have the experience that will help you ship your apps and avoid costly mistakes that result in developing the app twice.

Code Support

Not sure how to do something? Never stress again as help is a call away. We can work with you to help you figure out how to get your task done right the first time.

Why stress, when you can get the help you need before it becomes a problem!


Do you need someone you can trust to sit in on your team's planning meetings, standup's or help translating between programmer and stakeholder?

Our experts are here for you when you need us. We can take the stress off your plate and help give you the confidence that you have someone in your corner to help your team avoid pitfalls before they happen.


Bugs happen. Don't get stuck for days on end. Our experts can work with you to reduce the amount of time you hit roadblocks.

Our experts have spent the days and yes sometimes weeks figuring out how to get past problems. Don't delay your project trying to figure it out the hard way.

Support for OSS Libraries

You're using any number of OSS Libraries. It's time to get the support you deserve!

Prism Library
Prism Library

Get support for your Prism application,and the various Prism Plugins from the people who wrote it.

Have a question how something works? Need a way to modify a default behavior to meet your needs? We're here to help.


The AP.MobileToolkit is a FREE open source toolkit. There's a lot to it though. Don't suffer from the AS-IS nature of Open Source. Use the library that will shave weeks off of your development with the security of a paid support.


The Mobile.BuildTools is a fantastic library that helps ensure you're following best practices, and help you greatly simplify your build processes by moving the heavy lift to MSBuild.

It can do a lot, and it can be confusing to newer developers how to ensure that you're taking full advantage of it. Let us help walk you through setting up your project.

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