Developer Tooling

Invest in your developer’s productivity. Our private tooling helps your developers stay productive and locate issues before they have a chance to impact your business


The highlight of the of our developer tooling, the Prism.Magician helps developers write less code with build time code generation minimizing the debugging issues surrounding an overuse of IL manipulation. With built in code analyzers you can be sure to detect problems in your code as you write it rather than wasting hours or even days trying to determine what went wrong.

Project Templates

Our project templates are second to none, and help you go from idea to app as fast as possible taking advantage of many of our pioneered processes. You will be able to start working on your app specific logic with an app that’s ready to go from background sync, push notifications, analytics, user authentication and more.

Priority Package Access

Why wait for releases with priority access to our array of open source packages. Get instant access to updates, bug fixes and new features, plus get limited package support.

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