Custom App Development

Your business may not be developing mobile or cross platform apps, but that does not mean that you do not still need one. Having the right team makes the difference between success and failure.

Our processes help you avoid costly mistakes that you face when hiring the wrong team. Don't trust just anyone for your mission critical needs. We have the experience that will help you ship your apps!

Development Done Right

As leading industry trainers, nobody can compete with our experience. We can help you go from concept to reality quickly and efficiently. We see it all the time when clients come to us after hiring the wrong team, having spent hundred of thousands of dollars, only to have to start from scratch to get an app out the door.

Because our Founder is a leading voice in the industry you can be assured that your app will get the right treatment and will be able to grow with your business over time. The last thing you need is to waste months in development only to realize it was a wasted effort and you need to start again.

Mobile Development

Mobile development can be hard and is almost impossible with the wrong team. We understand what it takes to successfully build and deploy a mobile app.

You deserve only the best, and that’s why we can give you a team led by only developers who are internationally recognized for their excellence in the field.

Enterprise Apps

Mobile apps in the enterprise can make all of the difference, and skyrocket employee producivity.

We have the experience you need whether you're looking for privately hosted apps in the App Store for you staff only, or requrie a more intricate privately hosted solution for your internal users.

Project Planning

You've heard it before: "Those who fail to plan, plan to fail". Nothing could be more true in software development.

We work with our clients to ensure that each project has a proper plan for success, and help you to manage your expecatations.

Go from Concept to App

We employ a variety of development strategies that help our clients whether you're experienced in software development or not.

Project Specifications
Project Specifications

We work with you to ensure that your idea is fully flushed out. Prevent scope creep by getting a solid outline of what your app does and does not need.

App Design
App Design

Paper Napkin, a photo of your white board... we've worked with clients at every level. We can work with you so that we have an idea what the app should look like.

Project Planning
Project Planning

A proper plan makes all the difference between a successful project and yet another failed attempt. We guide you through the common pitfalls and set you up for success.

Develop once, run everywhere
Develop once, run everywhere

With a plan in place we develop a single unified codebase that lets you run your app on every platform that matters to your project stakeholders.

Build your app today!

You've waited long enough. It's time to get your app from concept to delivery!

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Which Platform Best Fits Your Needs

.NET with Xamarin is the clear winner!

Native Development
React Native
.NET / Xamarin
1 development team
1 backlog
1 project
1 programming language
Shared business logic
Consistent or Native look
Can use native UI
Can use native libraries
Supports Desktop Development
Native Development
Multiple development team(s)
Multiple backlog(s)
Multiple project(s)
Multiple programming language(s)
Duplicated business logic
Native look
Can use native UI
Can use native libraries
May or may not support Desktop Development

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I avoid building an app with the "Native" stack?

It may seem like you should stick purely with the "Native" tooling, but these days you need to deliver your app to users across multiple platforms. It is cost prohibitive and introduces a variety of technical and logistical challenges when trying to develop the same app multiple times, with multiple teams that lack the ability to assist each other, each with their own backlogs.

Why can't I just have my customers use our website? Doesn't that run everywhere?

Yes the web does indeed run everywhere, including cheap Raspberry Pi's. The saying is "There is an app for that", not "There is a website for that". It's important to remember why that saying exists. While people will use a website, they engage and are most productive while using a mobile app. Consider that tech giants such as Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and many others built mobile apps because the engagement through their websites didn't encourage use while users were on mobile devices.

What if I only need support for a single platform?

This question assumes that your business requirements will always require the use of a single platform. Our solutions are second to none because the effort to light up support for the additional platform you need later is minimal and often mostly focused on deployment setup such as provisioning the app id for the store.

What is .NET MAUI? How will this affect us?

At Microsoft Build 2020, the .NET Team announced that it will be "relaunching" Xamarin.Forms as .NET MAUI. An initial preview isn't expected until late 2020, with an initial "stable" release in late 2021. This will require some migration effort for existing projects which we anticipate for most projects can be done by our team within a matter of hours. The important take away though is that this is the vNext evolution of Xamarin along with a bit of a marketing change and not an entirely new technology.

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We can help guide you through the process of getting your app to market.

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