Project Rescue & Review

Whether you have an in-house development team, or you've simply outsourced the task, maybe you've found your project just seems to be lost.

We have the right expertise to help you diagnose where the project has gone wrong and help you develop a plan to get things back on track!

Team Evaluation

You may have complete confidence in your team and their ability. Our project evaluation phase is designed to be wholistic in approach. During this time we get to know each of the team members and managers on the team. We know that there are several areas that can lead projects to go wrong including:

  • Developers lack the adequate training
  • Wrong Developers on the team
  • Unhealthy Organizational Culture
  • Management has unrealistic expectations

Whether your project has gone off the rails or simply needs a health check. The first step to for us to get to know a bit about the team involved and processes being used.

Identify Problems

It should not come as much surprise that you cannot fix problems that you are not aware of. Whether we unconver issues within the key players of the development and management team, you may have a variety of issues within the very codebase the development team is working on.

While every team is different, it is not at all uncommon for us to find that one or more key players on the development team are aware at some level of critical problems that will directly impact your bottom line. We have an unparalleled ability to help you uncover what those issues are so that we can discuss them in the open.

Issues often sit as the elephant in the room nobody is willing to talk about. It is critical to get this out in the open.

Create a Roadmap

For those times that your project has gone off the rails, we will have spent a lot of time helping you to come to terms with the realities that surround your project and personel. We are our clients biggest champions even when we have to have those akward conversations about how you've hurt yourself.

We help you see your project to completion by working with you to establish a roadmap for how to get your project on track and to it's end users. Some things that we commonly help our clients establish at this point:

  • Set up training events for Developer and Management staff
  • Help properly scoping your project
  • Help organizing and estimating work items
It's time to get your project on track

Let us help take the weight off of your shoulders and give you the confidence you deserve to have with your project!

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